Restoration Locations

Dale, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Project Seagrass are part of the Seagrass Ocean Rescue (with WWF,  Sky Ocean Rescue, Swansea and Cardiff Univerities) are restoring seagrass over a two hectare area (approximately two rugby pitches) in Dale, West Wales. The restoration process has been done in collaboration with local people, students and volunteers. To date approximately 750,000 seeds of a pipelined 1 million seeds have been planted.  

All hands on deck, the Project Seagrass crew and volunteers carry crates of seeds and sandbags to the RIB as the planting day commences. With Sky Ocean Rescue, WWF and Swansea University we have launched the biggest seagrass restoration project ever undertaken in the UK.

Other locations

Project Seagrass are currently working with collaborative partners from all around the UK to determine sites for future seagrass restoration. North Wales, the Essex and Suffolk Estuaries, the Isle of Arran and the Solent are particular areas of interest for our search.