Seagrass Nursery

At a time when climate change and a growing demand for water are creating urgent challenges for the water sector Ofwat’s Innovation in Water Challenge has provided a timely push for key players in the industry to put their heads together to foster collaboration on a number of fronts. The Innovation in Water Challenge – run by Nesta Challenges as part of Ofwat’s £200m Innovation Fund – has awarded Affinity Water £249,791 of funding for its ‘Seagrass Seeds of Recovery’ project.

One key element of the Seagrass Seeds of Recovery project is piloting the development of a Seagrass Nursery in Wales. The nursery is being developed by Project Seagrass in collaboration with Salix River & Wetland Services Limited.

The project was ‘Seagrass Seeds of Recovery’ represents a partnership between organisations who are setting out with a genuine aspiration to improve both the condition of the local environment, and also to explore innovative solutions that will contribute to tackling the global challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Ofwats Innovation in Water Challenge fund has enabled Work on our UK Seagrass Nursery project to begin. July 2021. © David Holland

This project is seeking to scale the capacity for us to use nature-based solutions to restore and improve estuaries and coastal waters by increasing biodiversity and absorbing carbon and nitrogen emissions. A fully costed, technically viable and operational model for the creation of a large-scale, long-term seagrass nursery is our aim, as we wish to facilitate future UK wide seagrass restoration projects.

Elise Simone de Tourtoulon-Adams is leading on our UK Seagrass Nursery (© Joseph Gray / WWF UK)

This seagrass nursery is being developed with the ethos of collaboration in mind. If you wish to visit the site, or to learn more about how you can be involved or support this project then please reach out to our Seagrass Aquarist Elise Simone de Tourtoulon-Adams at


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