Stabilising Sediments Around Our Coasts

A patch of the UKs native seagrass (Zostera marina) in the warm summer waters of Porthdinllaen, Llŷn Peninsula, Wales

Seagrasses create a complex web of roots and rhizomes that helps hold areas of our coastal seas together. This reduces coastal erosion and allows for a thick canopy of seagrass to develop that further traps particles and baffles wave energy, spreading the energy of wave action throughout waterbodies, therefore reducing erosion.

This ability of seagrass shoots to baffle wave energy also results in slowed water movement and the greater capacity of seagrass to trap particles, therefore improving water clarity and facilitating cleaner coastal seas. By contributing to Seagrass (Re)Store you are helping to conserve and restore seagrass by supporting projects that are helping to protect our coastline and helping our waters to stay clean and affable.