Nursery Grounds And Fisheries Powerhouses

Plaice in seagrass. Cawsand Bay, Cornwall, UK.

1/5th of the worlds biggest fisheries are supported by seagrass due to their role as a critical fish nursery habitat. In the UK, many of our most important fishery species spend time as juveniles in seagrass, assisting with their rapid growth and reducing the likelihood of their predation by bigger fish.

A cuttlefish swimming amongst seagrass. Falmouth. Devon, UK.

Our fish and chip favourite the Atlantic Cod,as well as Whiting, Pollack, Herring, Plaice and Bass are all commonly found as juveniles in UK seagrass. By contributing to Seagrass (Re)Store you are helping to conserve and restore seagrass fish habitat and helping rejuvenate our beleaguered fisheries.